How to Find Financial Freedom In Your Home

How to Find Financial Freedom In Your Home


Congratulations, you purchased a home! You’ve built up equity and watched your home’s value increase – smart –  you are rich!

But wait, with mortgage payments and home ownership costs, you are struggling to cover your living expenses – you feel poor. You can barely buy dog food and diapers, much less pitch-in for another office gift exchange.

You, my friend, are house-rich and cash-poor. Which sucks. I know because I’ve been there.

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Frugality and the Five-Finger Discount

Frugality and the Five-Finger Discount

About a year ago, a newspaper headline grabbed my attention.

I read it aloud.

Man Charged for Filling McD’s Water Cup with Soda.

My children, aghast, looked around the room with wide eyes.

A criminal was in their midst. Someone they knew and loved had –  on occasion – put soda in a water cup. And I had just confirmed their suspicion that such behavior was not only nefarious, but criminal.

Reading on, it turned out the soda-stealing McDonald’s customer seriously escalated the situation by refusing to return the soda when confronted, fleeing from the restaurant and reversing into the restaurant manager with his car. So, it was not surprising that he ended up with felony charges.

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How To Evict A Bad Tenant


Are you a DIY Landlord with a “Bad” Tenant?

You know what I’m talking about, right? You have a tenant who is:

  • Not paying the rent on time (or at all)
  • Failing to maintain the property
  • Moving-in prohibited pets or unrelated guests
  • Hosting loud parties and disturbing the peace
  • Etc…etc… (any tenant behavior that isn’t in compliance with the terms of the lease and causing you to lose money and/or sleep)
Do you keep putting up with your tenant’s bad behavior?

Have you heard horror stories about the eviction process? It will take forever! It will cost you an arm and a leg! You’ll definitely need a lawyer!

Are you delaying needed action with your tenant because you don’t know what steps to take?

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Hubzu For Real Estate Investing?

Hubzu For Real Estate Investing?


If you are looking to purchase a home, you may have come across one of the largest on-line home sale marketplaces:  You click around and starting seeing properties in your target neighborhoods with prices that are too good to be true. Sure, some of them clearly need rehab, but still….hmmmm. You Google “Hubzu” to see what comes up and you find real estate investors talking about purchasing properties through the website – it sounds promising. But then you also find a few reviews that say “Hubzu auction FAIL!!” or “Hubzu Deception in Online Real Estate Auction” along with allegations of fraudulent bidding processes or shady business tactics. You hit pause and wonder…. is Hubzu for real???

I can’t tell you whether Hubzu is a paragon of good business practices, but I can tell you that


  • I purchased the home in 30 days, after placing the successful bid online
  • For a huge discount
  • Using financing (not always accepted)
  • In the perfect neighborhood with the highest rated High School in the County….SCORE!

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2 Simple Steps to Real Estate Investing

2 Simple Steps to Real Estate Investing


I recently attended a seminar aimed at first-time real estate investors. The course included a segment on valuation. Hand-out, after hand-out, was passed around. Each photocopy laid out various real estate valuation models and formulas, including ROI, Cap Rate, GRM, and ConC – all intended to assist investors in making sound financial decisions. As the stack of mathematical formulas grew, the seminar participants sank in their chairs.

Initially, these beginner-investors were animated and engaged as the course covered the benefits of passive income and the best strategies for property management. But when confronted by the endless mathematical valuation models (intended to help them), they exuded less confidence in their ability to successfully navigate a real estate investment deal. Not a single hand was raised in question after this part of the presentation. The participants were bummed. A bathroom break was in order.

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How to Manage Tenants When Real Estate Investing

How to Manage Tenants When Real Estate Investing

Imagine you are a landlord, managing your own rental homes, and some issues arise with your tenants. Tenant #1 suffers an unexpected financial setback and asks for an extra week to pay her rent. Tenant #2 has a cousin whose dog needs a temporary home, but your standard lease prohibits pets. Tenant #3 agrees to provide his own lawn care, but he allows the yard to grow out of control.

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Deterred by Tenant Horror Stories?

Deterred by Tenant Horror Stories?

Have you been interested in rental property investment as a source of income, but held back by tales of tenant horror stories? You’ve heard them. Tenants who stop paying their rent and won’t leave the property. Tenants who leave, but take all the copper piping with them. Tenants who start their own business growing weed in the basement, running grow lights 24/7 with the electricity you thoughtfully included as a perk in their lease. Tenants who play paintball…inside the house.

So, are these horror stories representative of most real estate investors experiences? Just how often do landlords suffer negative outcomes with tenants? Unfortunately, statistics on “negative outcomes” are not published anywhere and what might be “negative” to one property owner might not even faze another. So, let’s look instead at the typical upshot of a negative tenant experience: an eviction. Just how many tenants are evicted from their rental housing each year in the United States? Continue reading “Deterred by Tenant Horror Stories?”