5 Reasons Your Blog is Better Than Mine

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Blogging is the evil stepmother you never had (or maybe you did, if you were, for instance…me). Like your stepmom, blogging tells you that you aren’t doing it right and you will never amount to anything. Blogging tells you to look at the other bloggers – they are so much prettier and more talented than you are. The other blogs are more popular too. Everyone likes those other blogs better. See how they visit them, like them, comment on them and share them all over social media?

If blogging is eroding your confidence and shooting down your self-esteem, cheer up! Instead of looking overhead to the well-established blogs floating in the blogosphere, look down my friend. Peer down to the depths of blogging obscurity, where you will spy my fledgling blog. That’s it, you can barely make it out, but you can see it…if you squint.

My blog is small for its age and somewhat developmentally delayed. It’s socially awkward and slightly confused. My blog is trying to spread its wings and burst forth as a blogtastic butterfly, but it’s stuck in a flaccid larval state, emitting minimal signs of life as it struggles to find traction.

Now that you’ve seen mine, let’s take a look at your blog in comparison.

Oh my god! Your blog is so much better than mine!

Wow…but in case you don’t clearly see it, let me spell it out for you:

5 Reasons Why Your Blog Is Better Than Mine


1. My Blog Lacks Purpose

It’s true, it does. My blog had a purpose…for a few weeks, then lost it. Let me explain.

Although I work as a side-hustle real estate investor, my real estate investing has been requiring less and less of my time, as my rental properties inch their way toward being truly passive investments. Likewise, my teenage children are inching their way toward adulthood, and my mom duties seem to be reaching passive status too. With time on my hands, I began looking for a new challenge.

At first I thought I would dust off my real estate broker’s license to start a business helping other investors purchase rental properties. I would earn money the normal way – through commissions. So I started my blog with a purpose:

to drive business to my budding real estate brokerage and to provide me with paying clients

It seemed like a good idea. But no, it did not happen. No one ever contacted me from my blog page (or company website) to represent them as a broker. I quickly came to realize that building a real estate client base would have to happen the old-fashioned way: through local networking, face-to-face interactions and impressing people with my mad sales skills in person.

Once I acknowledged what I needed to do to build a brokerage business, did I turn my attention away from blogging? Did I begin to attend industry meet-ups, volunteer for activities at my local realtor association or find other networking opportunities in my region? No. Not at all. Instead, I dug in and stubbornly buried my head in blogging. I was hooked. I spent hours, days and weeks building my blog, trying out different logos, themes, and platforms, tweaking my content and adding new categories.

Woman can't stop bloggin
Oh yeah, this GIF is gonna slay!

During this time of total blogmmersion, I came to realize that I was unlikely to ever earn any money blogging. It would never be a business model for me. I decided, though, that blogging could be fun and creative, like the hobby I never had (yes, I had a stepmom, but no hobby!).

But what would be fun for me to blog about? And, if I was no longer blogging to drive clients to my real estate brokerage by showing off my real estate investing knowledge and experience, what would become my blogging focus?

2. My Blog Lacks Focus

Today I’m blogging about blogging. A few days ago, I blogged about landladies in pop culture. Last week, I wrote about my disappointment with Costco. A few weeks ago, I blogged about the blurred lines between frugality and ethics. And oh yeah, in the midst of all of that I wrote a few more helpful blog posts about real estate investing.

I realized that I don’t want to write about real estate investing all the time, because frankly I’m boring myself. I’ve been living and breathing real estate investing for years. Sometimes I like to enlighten others with my tales of evicting bad tenants, property management snafus or winning property auctions on Hubzu. Other times, I just want to rant about the squared-off shape of my Costco milk jug.

While that may be all well and good for me, my blog certainly lacks focus.

3. My Blog is an SEO Disaster

Because my blog has no focus, my blog is a disaster when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If for some reason you have read this far and you are not a blogger, let me enlighten you about SEO. If you want to create a blog (or any website for that matter), you don’t necessarily need to understand SEO. You can register a website domain, find a domain host, and POOF, you can create a website that can be reached through the internet. But, without SEO, no one will ever reach you, because they won’t know you exist.

For people to know your blog exists, your website needs to be displayed in keyword search results.  These keyword search results will vary depending on the search engine utilized. Available search engines include Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Yandex, DuckDuckGo and several others. But, for better or worse (definitely worse!), the vast majority of internet searches are taking place on Google. And Google is also like your mean stepmother. Google will put you in your place.

Google algorithm

Google uses a method (an algorithm) to rank where your blog content should appear in search results. Google’s web crawlers search all internet content being published to look for things like:

  • keyword rich content
  • lengthy content (word counts higher than 800)
  • coherent content structure, with many links between posts
  • categories, sub-categories and tags that fit together neatly like a set of Russian nesting dolls

But if instead, your blog is all over the place, like a hot-mess Barbie doll, you have an SEO problem.

Barbie is a hot mess

Blog Traffic

Even worse for a new blog than lacking structure, is lacking site traffic (visitors). Google gives high search rankings to sites that already have steady traffic. Because my blog is new, my blog has almost no traffic.

So how on earth can a new blog ever get site traffic, if the blog is new and has no traffic?

Well my friend, this circular constraint can be broken, but it all comes down to social media.

4. My Blog Struggles on Social Media

You can create social media accounts, linking to your blog site, to promote your blog through social media platforms. The familiar social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Tumblr, Quora, …ugggh, enough already. So there are plenty of options, and you can create as many social media accounts as you can handle, posting links to your blog content, hoping that others click on your links and interact with your site.

Because social media is the main way that the blogs begin generating traffic, bloggers spend a staggering amount of time on social media. And believe me, I’ve been trying, but I struggle. It’s no surprise to those who know me, because I was not even using social media prior to starting my blog. Not even Facebook (gasp!).

I tried Facebook twice over the years and the results were similarly horrifying. The first time, I created a profile listing most of my personal information, including the name of my high school. What happened? That very evening, I received a page long message from a high school “friend” telling me that he had been hoping I would turn up on Facebook and looking to reconnect. Ummm, errrrr – account deleted! The second time, I attempted to open my new Facebook account devoid of any personal information. But Facebook doesn’t go for that – it infiltrates your contacts and emails and outs you to the world. And who did Facebook recommend as my top “Friend” suggestion? Evil stepmom of course! Account deleted!

Delete social media accounts

So now I’ve had to drop my privacy concerns and jump into social media with both feet. I still don’t love it. To make the best use of my time on social media, I should be laser-focused on connecting with other personal finance and real estate investing bloggers, but I get easily bored and distracted. My favorite Twitter account is @insomniagirlvit, if that tells you anything.

My Blog Lacks Commitment

If you have heard anything about starting a blog, it’s that you need to be patient. It takes time to build a following and start generating interest in your site. Don’t expect to see big gains until you’ve been blogging for at least a year.

Well, I’m going to tell you a secret right now. I can barely stay interested in anything for a year. That’s probably why I have no hobbies and even a limited number of friends! I get on the learning curve of life, and I try to scale that slope. As I reach toward the top, when it should be getting easier, I hurl myself off the precipice to resume scrounging around in the dirt for the next shiny object.

Thank god for my husband, my kids and (cough, cough) my rental properties. I have committed to those key things through the good and the bad, the thick and the thin, and yes, they are now paying dividends, in waves. But as for hot yoga, ukulele, Spanish lessons, my legal career, my real estate career, actually any career….um, I’m just not that interested.

Will blogging be any different? Will my blogging commitment grow? Will this blog post get so much love that I remain inspired and devote more time to improving my blog? Or will I run away, frustrated and shouting “No Quiero Un Blog en mi Vida Nunca,” and simply move on to the next shiny object?

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25 thoughts on “5 Reasons Your Blog is Better Than Mine

  1. I love your blog and I love your personality! Also, I love the blog icon as it’s simply genius (I mean cats and dollar signs? Genius!). I also do blogging as a hobby and because I enjoy getting to know other people interested in finances. I really do enjoy your blog and I hope you keep going, because you have something interesting and valuable to say ( I mean real estate investment knowledge? Yes please!).

  2. Thanks for sharing your experiences so far. As another relatively new blogger, I can assure you that you are not alone, as I have struggled with everything you mentioned! I found your site a couple weeks ago and am really enjoying it. I hope you keep going, as I enjoy your writing style and perspective!

  3. I actually thought the title was a rhetorical (don’t even know if I’m using the right phrase). Didn’t actually think you were going to discussing how other ppl’s blogs were better than yours! Lol

    Whether ppl categorize it as a hobby or a side thing, the commitment that blogging takes put it under the job category for me, lol.

    If you want to keep it going, at least casually then you will need some type of focus. I just recently got focused, commiting to one blog a week and went from 7 followers to a grand spanking 37 within 4 weeks or so. That’s progress for me. Lol… I wish you all the best!

    1. Oh this is like a job isn’t it? Except maybe worse because somehow it never ends! Every post could be tweaked and improved. You could read more comments, make new graphics, interact more on Twitter…..whew! But congrats on 37 followers, that’s pretty cool in a month!

  4. I absolutely adore your posts about blogging. They are so freaking accurate. Also – please keep writing because I enjoy having you around 🙂 The very best part about not worrying about your blog making money is you can say and do whatever you damn please.

  5. I loved this post. I have all of those blogging problems too. It is so funny because I have actually said that” all these blogs are better than mine”. When I started my blog http://www.thesmartfi.com I made a commitment to myself I would give my passion project 2 years. If I have no audience in 2 years it’s probably time to move on. Best of luck.

    1. Dude, a two year commitment…makes me sweat just thinking about it! Ha! But, you have the right attitude, slow and steady and see what comes your way.

  6. But your blog does have a singular, connecting topic…you! I prefer blogs that focus more on the author than on general, regurgitated topics that you can find anywhere else. Blogs are about sharing a part of you with a larger community, and I think you are doing that wonderfully. Your posts are always entertaining.

    1. Awww MissSaraBee, thanks! I appreciate that you get me. I am trying to bring a little humor into a topic that can be intimidating, especially to us ladies (who are statistically proven to be less risk-oriented investors). I hope to keep blogging if only to keep a few women thinking “Hey if that CashflowKat lady did it, I can too!”

  7. I love your blog. Please don’t quit. I can totally relate- my blog is a bit unfocused too. I have many interests and I want to write about them all. I prefer reading blogs that are author-centric. It makes for more interesting and personal read. Best of luck!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement MD, it’s so good to have a doctor-reader! I keep wondering how to bust into the Sunday Best…hmmmm. Anyway, I think you can be as unfocused as you want to be if you don’t need to make any blogging money (which, just from your name Millionaire Doc, I’m assuming you don’t!).

  8. Haha you have the best posts! Don’t quit please! I like the variety too, one can only read or write so many “FIRE” posts. Pretty much the FIRE will die because the dead horse has been beaten too much.

    This sentence says it all- I especially like the “flaccid larval state, emitting minimal signs of life”

    “My blog is trying to spread its wings and burst forth as a blogtastic butterfly, but it’s stuck in a flaccid larval state, emitting minimal signs of life as it struggles to find traction.”

    I haven’t seen those adjectives used in this context in a long time!

    If it makes you feel better, I don’t have Facebook either. I used to have it as an individual and then deleted that 2 years ago for good and if I open one up for my blog, I might start stalking people again (yes, I used to have that problem, I was a Facebook creeper of ex’s, high school classmates, etc. etc.).

  9. Hi Kat!

    Loved this post, but I really think your blog is doing way better than mine! You’re doing really well — really!

    I personally don’t have many social media. I have no fb. I have Twitter but barely on. I have IG but I rarely use it as a promotion other than my once per week post and maybe some random memes for fun. The only thing I’m really using is Pinterest. they don’t call it a social media but a search engine lol.

    I personally find social media too much for me. I get all scared of ppl’s ongoing non stop comments and promos. Very overwhelming. I enjoy visuals and pinning on Pinterest more! But that’s another beast and I’m not doing well on that either. Still learning!!

    Whatever you do, don’t quit! You have valuable information about real estate investing 😉

    I know when I’m blogging, I try to treat it as a journey or journal. Most of the time I feel like I’m typing to the wall, but oh well.. that’s ok! I’ll just keep going (hopefully) and treat it as self development and learning from my end. 😊

  10. Just stumbled across your blog from reading your comment on Corinne’s blog and glad I did. I loved this post! You have a great writing voice I think, funny, packed with personality as entertaining. It’s also very relatable for almost any blogger. All the struggles with social media, time commitment etc.

    I too have an all over the place blog and come from a financial background. The one subject I never blog about is finance stuff though lol Eventually but not yet.

    Well I hope you continue blogging as I look forward to reading more from your blog. Btw Insomnia girl is amazing. Your tone reminds me of her, you sure you’re not one in the same? 😛

    1. Ooooo, I wish I was as funny as @insomniagirlvit! But I really appreciate the complement and the support! 🙂

  11. Blogging about blogging – you may find that’s where the real money is being made 😉

    Not by me, because, your blog is better than my blog for sure!!

    This was an amazing, witty post and I’m glad you wrote about it. Money Scrap did write an awesome humor one as well – and I feel we are in the same boat! Mr. DS has found his niche & finance community, and I need to grow mine more (nope, I work in Finance but am not a finance blogger…that’s not my passion, it’s personal & professional development…like careers ya’ll!). But I’m not active on social media. I don’t get Twitter, and I panicked when I created a facebook account and boom – starts pulling up the weather where I am today and suggesting people I may know…which are the 34987349872 contacts in my phone of family, friends and workplace contacts for the last 15 years. Yikes! When you blog anonymously, you don’t want that shit! So, I as well said F*** YOU Facebook and account deleted! I’ll work the pinterest search engine, and see what else I can do.

    Keep it up! Let’s all hang out and be insomniac friends!

  12. Hahah! I laugh because you explain the truth when it comes to blogging. I could relate to almost everything you mentioned! Blogging is hard and it takes time to finally find the right tone. But you’re doing great so keep it up!

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