2 Simple Steps to Real Estate Investing

How to make money and find financial freedom through real estate investing

  I recently attended a seminar aimed at first-time real estate investors. The course included a segment on valuation. Hand-out, after hand-out, was passed around. Each photocopy laid out various real estate valuation models and formulas, including ROI, Cap Rate, GRM, and ConC – all intended to assist investors in making sound financial decisions. As…

How to Find Financial Freedom In Your Home

Beginning investors convert home to rental to generate income

  Congratulations, you purchased a home! You’ve built up equity and watched your home’s value increase – smart –  you are rich! But wait, with mortgage payments and home ownership costs, you are struggling to cover your living expenses – you feel poor. You can barely buy dog food and diapers, much less pitch-in for another office…

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