How To Evict A Bad Tenant

self help tenant eviction for real estate investors

  Are you a DIY Landlord with a “Bad” Tenant? You know what I’m talking about, right? You have a tenant who is: Not paying the rent on time (or at all) Failing to maintain the property Moving-in prohibited pets or unrelated guests Hosting loud parties and disturbing the peace Etc…etc… (any tenant behavior that…

How to Manage Tenants When Real Estate Investing

Women and Moms side hustle real estate invest investing property manage

Imagine you are a landlord, managing your own rental homes, and some issues arise with your tenants. Tenant #1 suffers an unexpected financial setback and asks for an extra week to pay her rent. Tenant #2 has a cousin whose dog needs a temporary home, but your standard lease prohibits pets. Tenant #3 agrees to…

Deterred by Tenant Horror Stories?

Women and Moms should be real estate investing despite tenant worries

Have you been interested in rental property investment as a source of income, but held back by tales of tenant horror stories? You’ve heard them. Tenants who stop paying their rent and won’t leave the property. Tenants who leave, but take all the copper piping with them. Tenants who start their own business growing weed…

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