Why Real Estate Investing?

Women Generate Passive Income to Find Financial Freedom

To Grow Your Wealth and Live Like a Rich Kitty

If you want to make money and find financial freedom, you can grow your wealth through buy-and-holdĀ real estate investing.

It’s a simple formula:

  2. HOLD THEM (and keep holding them…)

Hmmm, sounds too easy. Well, simple is not exactly easy.

Because sometimes it’s challenging and uncomfortable, but you must grit your teeth – and keep holding those properties. Because the longer you hold your rental properties, the more income they will generate. A rental home portfolio is like a small business that works for you as you pay down your mortgage debt. And this business can generate the extra income you need to provide for your family, walk away from a 9-to-5 job, or pursue your retirement goals to their fullest.

Start slowly and educate yourself as a real estate investor. You can do this for free by reading library books, magazines and blogs. You don’t need a license, a degree, expensive seminars or investment “coaches” or “mentors” to provide you information. In fact, you don’t need anyone but YOU! Just make sure that you steel your resolve and understand that building wealth through real estate investing may feel risky, uncertain, or even downright scary at times.

Be pragmatic and start with one rental home. Learn the ropes of acquisition and property management. Are you generating cash flow? Are you excited to build a portfolio of rental home income streams that will replace your current paycheck? Do you enjoy building equity each month as you pay down your mortgage with your tenant’s rent payment? Do you see your property value appreciating?

Or do you find the real estate investing process to be too risky or too difficult or just too damn [fill in the blank]? Let’s face it, real estate investing is not for everyone. But isn’t it worth finding out if it works for you?

Because real estate investing is uniquely powerful for wealth building. It harnesses the power of leverage and carries a unique set of tax advantages that are unparalleled in the investing world.

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